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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Consumption: O-M-Gyros

I discovered a couple of things while making this meal:
  • I love garbanzos even more!
  • Lamb is a delicious baby animal that I drool over!
  • I heart cooking with wine!
Garbanzos were already a fav of mine, as stated in my earlier post, The Ingredient.  There is something about those mealy little peas I can’t get enough of.  I think it’s because they create so much unique texture.  

Preparing the meat was the WORST part, but eating the meat was the BEST part.  The aromas coming from my skillet while browning made my mouth water.  Now, I was anxious to see what lamb actually tasted like.  I hate to admit it, but I was feeling very carnivorous!  

I believe wine was the key ingredient in the flavor of this dish, and can't wait to cook with it again!

I served the lamb/garbz mix in a whole wheat flatbread and wrapped the end in wax paper so the “stuffings” wouldn’t fall out.

There was some trouble mastering the tzatsiki sauce; some of my dinner guests thought it could be a little "thicker”.  I may have blended it too much, but I thought it was still a refreshing compliment to our dinner.

Overall, this dish was impressive, yummy and extremely filling!  
I am so stoked I was introduced to another type of cuisine.  This recipe proves again, how versatile your crock can be!  

Tips & Tricks:
- Chef Mimi

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