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Chef Mimi, a novice at slow cookin, will choose 1 ingredient (meat/veggie/fruit/herb) to be thrown in the crock. Chef Tiffany, an experienced slow cookin specialist, will then post a recipe featuring the ingredient of the week, challenging Mimi to learn new moves in the kitchen.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Consumption: Welcome Back Ribs!

I marinated all of the ingredients together in a covered 11 x 13 glass dish.  The short ribs were ideal.  I bought two packs of 4.  They were each about 4 in. long, which was perfect for the crock.  In the morning, I added the contents of the dish to the crock pot.  The aroma was already incredible.  I was already looking forward to coming home for dinner.

When I first bought the ribs, I was reminded of red muscles, which is a scary thought.  After cooking in the crock all day, the ribs turned a beautiful brown color.  Some of the meat had already fallen off the bones, and was floating among the veggies and fruit.  I served on a bed of white rice with bread and a small garden side salad.  The meat became boneless!  Literally, falling off the bones.  I was picking them up, and the meat slid off.

I had never eaten ribs before, and had always thought the ingredient would be difficult to prepare.  For some reason, I imagined ribs could only be grilled and should be served at a cookout.  I know restaurants prepare them, but I had seen nothing like these ribs.  If ribs were prepared in the crock each time I ate them, you can count me in for dinner!  After a hard day at work, I was so happy to be welcomed back with a great home cooked meal.

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