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Chef Mimi, a novice at slow cookin, will choose 1 ingredient (meat/veggie/fruit/herb) to be thrown in the crock. Chef Tiffany, an experienced slow cookin specialist, will then post a recipe featuring the ingredient of the week, challenging Mimi to learn new moves in the kitchen.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Ingredient: Smoked Gouda

We asked our readers:
"Which cheese would you like to see thrown in the crock?"

Below are the results of the poll:

Asiago:  4 votes
Parmesan:  0 votes
Monterey Jack:  2 votes
Smoked Gouda:  9 votes

First of all, I am a dairy freak!  If it has milk in it, sign me up.  Second, I am so stoked on these results because I personally voted for smoked gouda.  My fondest memory of this cheese was when I was in Northern California, sitting on a patio surrounded by tall redwoods eating hummus, triscuits, black olives and smoked gouda.  All of the flavors combined made me feel so good, I wanted to hug a tree.  

I also LOVE smoked gouda with a glass of white or red wine.  The cheese is so creamy, it feels like your drinking the flavor.I am anxious to see how cheese cooks in the crock.  Everything we have posted so far is immersed in a liquid.  I am imagining non-stop cheesy melty delish-ness.  I thought this could only exist in my dreams!

- Chef Mimi

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